About me

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Gemma Higginbotham. I am a dance artist and registered somatic movement educator/therapist (RSME/T with ISMETA). I am based near Kendal, Cumbria.

My training is in contemporary dance, improvisational practices and in somatic movement. After many years living overseas and working extensively as a dance artist, my interest in dance and the poetics of the body continued towards a deeper somatic approach to bodily engagement, creativity and learning. I am passionate about the stories which move us, showing us the way towards resource, into connection, creativity and wellbeing.

My practice has evolved through an accumulation of over thirty years of body-based practice, dance/somatic study and research, and a sense of connection with the natural world. My work is nourished by my own ongoing artistic, somatic and spiritual practices as well as my joy of process and collaboration. I am continually learning in my field and alongside every client, participant and collaborator. I thrive on the presence that this work demands and am honoured and humbled to accompany each participant on their unique journey.

Alongside my training, studies and work in dance and somatic movement, I have trained and had experience as a birth practitioner and Doula. At the opposite end, I have accompanied the dying with somatically informed end-of-life care. I continue to work in health, care and community settings as well as creating/collaborating as a dance artist and performer.

I follow professional supervision and adhere to the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association (ISMETA) standards of practice and code of ethics: https://ismeta.org/about-ismeta/standards.

Training and qualifications:

  • MA (distinction) – Dance and Somatic Wellness: connections to the living body, University of Central Lancashire, UK- 2019 (certified ISMETA training program).
  • PARTS (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) , Brussels, Belgium- 1997 (three-year, full-time training).
  • HND- Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK- 1995 ( two year full-time training).
  • Foundation Course (distinction) – Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK – 1994 (one year full time training).
  • Certified birth-practitioner and Doula with Birthing Wisdom, Devon, UK- 2011 (9-month part-time training).