Midlife & menopause

The time of midlife and menopause can be a time of profound personal transformation

A time for deepening into our true selves…

The second half of life and the bodily changes it brings can make us feel that the life we have
been living no longer quite fits, and a need for change can arise. But we may be unsure as to
what those changes might be. We may feel lost, or at a crossroads. Some might understand
this as a ‘midlife-crisis’.
Alternatively, we can view midlife as an opportunity for self-discovery and truth-seeking. An
opportunity to sense in closer… to listen to what moves us. If we do move in closer…if we
do take time to listen and be with our deeper bodily experiences, we encounter a natural
movement towards change.
My body-based, intuitive, creative approach supports and sensitively guides this journey
towards a sense of fresh meanings. Jungian analyst and author James Hollis refers to this
process of transformation as the midlife passage, seeing it is a passage from one way of
being in the world to another…one which expresses our changing values and aspirations,
nourishing and supporting us toward becoming our authentic selves.

‘Who am I now?’

we might wonder…

‘How will I live the rest of my life?’

Are you feeling that tug, nudge or whisper… that ‘calling’ to listen, to move in closer, to dig deeper? In order to truly live our lives, we must follow that calling towards depth…we must listen…

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