Children & young people

Children live very much in the moment. The work I offer meets the child there…in the moment, just where they are, which may be very different for each session.

Establishing a sense of connection and trust with the child is vital as a starting point and asks for sensitive attunement to the child’s relational capacity moment-by-moment.

I am playful by nature and enjoy meeting children in their authenticity through movement/play, encouraging and supporting the child to explore their body in a safe environment whilst inviting a noticing of what is present for them as they engage.

As we move and play, a need for a re-patterning of missed developmental stages may arise, or for stressful or traumatic experiences to be integrated by the whole system. Again, we listen to the body, inviting, allowing, and supporting movement, as well as creativity-in-imagination and play, to work through to completion and integration, finding resource in the body.

I work with children who are experiencing:

  • Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.
  • Learning difficulties.
  • Autism.
  • Residue from traumatic life events.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Grief and bereavement.
  • Life transitions and changes.
  • Medical conditions/interventions (I offer somatically informed support from a non-medical perspective)

I do not work directly into ‘issues’ as such but rather, in collaboration with the child, I work to sensitively, intuitively and consciously facilitate and nourish the life-force and possibility of wellness innate to every living being. This possibility is always there…maybe as the faintest whisper, but it is there. My approach is a gentle, creative and playful.

‘ L gets so much out of his sessions with Gemma. He is calmer and able to focus for longer periods of time. It is as if he is settling into himself and his life in a way which he was just unable to access prior to Gemma’s sessions. Our days are smoother for us all.’

I’m so very thankful that we found you.. It feels like you saw everything there was to see and R gained so much from last session. She got in the car and then talked all the way home. Like there was freedom and she was not holding so tight. I see a huge softening for her after each session with you. Thank you for offering her this special space.”

For younger children, the sessions may well take place with a parent/caregiver present if this is conductive of the child’s sense of safety. If willing, the parent/caregiver may play an active role in the session. For older children, we will gauge together what is needed and best supports their process.

Sessions take place in my studio near Kendal, Cumbria or other appropriate setting if this is necessary for the child’s possibility of engagement with the process. Outdoor sessions can be arranged with prior consultation. Remote sessions via Zoom are not offered for young children.

Cost: £45 per session (price to increase in coming months)

I am DBS checked and adhere to the ISMETA code of ethics and standards of practice: