Outdoor sessions

“A season is not something which befalls you. It is something which you inhabit” (John Berger)

‘At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside things, and
am myself living in every tree, in the splashing of the waves, in the clouds and
the animals that come and go, in the procession of the seasons.’

Carl Jung: Memories, Dreams and Reflections; pages 225-226

Working with the body in nature offers a sense of belonging… so vital through the turbulences and ruptures life can throw at us.

As we allow our bodies to be with our natural surroundings, as we listen with our skin, as we soften to the land, as we meet the elemental forces, the cycles of change, and allow the generational history of place to touch our being, we remember who we are.

Wherever we are in our lives, nature recognises and accepts the entirety of our being and reflects it all back to us as affirmation of our existence, our belonging and interconnectedness in the world.

I offer these sessions for adults, children and young peopleone-to-one sessions as well as group workshops. Please see information on my approach as this also applies to outdoor work.

Images from outdoor workshops:

Every individual enquiry is of course different and emerges to serve and guide ones unique path.

The following photos are from one of my own embodied explorations…a sensory encounter with nature. I was drawn to the meeting of land, sea and air; to the damp, cold, bleak expanse of the Cumbrian estuary coast…to the moist mud-flats, deep into the darkness of ancient caves within Earth, to the feeling of rain falling from sky onto my skin…

Working with body, Earth, emerging image and theory during this process brought about profound change and meaning for me in my life. If you are interested to read further about this process, please see my research thesis here.