My Approach

My work draws on my training, research and experience as a somatic movement practitioner as well as my background in contemporary dance and improvisational practices.

My interest and focus lies in the creative, imaginal and intuitive aspects of working from body.

The work cultivates presence and, within that, supports qualities of curiosity, surrender (to process), play and depth.

My approach tends towards attuning, allowing and supporting experience to emerge, as opposed to manipulating, answering and fixing. It holds that the body keeps the score, honouring and enabling our innate movement towards wellness in the world.

Moment-by-moment attunement to the body’s impulses and responses creates a form of sensing which is both imaginal and relational. I understand this creative sensing as an encounter with my deepest being…soul. In alignment with depth psychologists, I hold the soul as vital to life and the care and nourishment of it as our first responsibility to ourselves.

‘The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body’

Jung, C.G. as quoted by Chodorow, J. (1999). Dance/Movement and Body
Experience in Analysis.