One-to-one sessions

One-to-one sessions are a dedicated time for you to explore, deepen and cultivate awareness of your embodied knowing of yourself in the world.

These sessions are a space for being rather than doing. A space for allowing, for emergence, and for listening deeply to the richness and subtleties of our lived experience of body.

One-to-one engagement offers heartfelt, intuitive, creative and potentially transformational embodied experience, opening to new ways of experiencing and perceiving life.

What to expect:

You will be invited to engage with your feeling, sensing body and to explore qualities of attunement, depth and relational awareness.

Throughout the session, as we work together co-creatively, I will regularly invite awareness of embodied experience through verbal cues, prompts, questions and exchange, as well as through consented hands-on touch; supporting, guiding and moving with what is present as I respond to the uniqueness of you as an individual.

Whilst it is possible to experience shifts and transformations in just one session, the work is a process and in general needs time. We will discuss together the timeline for your unique enquiry.

Please see my approach for more information.

Sessions generally last one hour. Longer sessions are available if desired/beneficial to the process.

Day-long retreats are also available and can be very beneficial for some.

This work can be effectively shared online, via Zoom, if meeting in-person is not a possibility for us.

Please contact me here to book a session or to enquire into any aspect of the work I offer.