Is somatic movement enquiry for me?

Is what I offer for you?

Some reasons why you might engage with a somatic enquiry:

  • To connect to and live from a deeper embodied knowing of yourself in the world.
  • To find support, resource and guidance in the body through a turbulent, confusing, painful or difficult time in your life; potentially allowing for growth, transformation, self-discovery and meaning.
  • To find resource and guidance in the body in response to chronic pain, illness or dis-ease.
  • To awaken, sense and nourish your creative energy and vital life force.
  • To enquire into behaviour or physical patterns which no longer serve, finding guidance and support in the body.
  • To enquire into specific emotions (grief, fear, anger, sadness…), mental heath issues (depression, anxiety…) or neurological conditions, finding support and resource in the body.
  • To find language for and validation of sensations, feelings and emotions which you may find hard to articulate in words. Somatic Movement Enquiry offers access to the bodily language of poetry and metaphor.

If you are willing, or at least curious, to move towards your own bodily knowing for guidance then please do get in touch to arrange a preliminary consultation to discuss your unique reasons for coming to me. This consultation will establish if what I offer can support you and indeed, whether we would both like to move into working together. All exchange is confidential.

As registered somatic movement educator and therapist (RSME/T) I adhere to the ISMETA code of ethics and standards of practice: